Welcome to Smithville Food Lockers.

Smithville Food Lockers has proudly served the Central Texas and surrounding regions since 1946. The name Smithville Food Lockers originated from the fact that in 1946, most people did not have refrigeration or freezers in their homes. Customers were provided the opportunity to rent “food lockers” in the building to store their processed meats. Even though times have changed and people are not in need of rented freezer space, the business was well established and the name Smithville Food Lockers has become synonymous with quality service.

At Smithville Food Lockers, we want you to be satisfied with our locally raised, grain fed beef, sold to individuals in our store and for resale under your private label.

We pride ourselves on our quality processing of livestock and wild game, just the way you want it. At Smithville Food Lockers, our experienced staff will take you through the process, step by step.

Come visit us.